GLOBAL Salmon Initiative launches inaugural progress report in Puerto Montt; Of improving salmon farming sustainability

Puerto Montt, Chile – October 23, 2014: The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) has today launched its inaugural progress report ‘Building the Foundation for a Sustainable Future’. This is the first report to come from the industry-led collective, and highlights its approach and progress towards advancing significant improvements in the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the salmon farming industry.  The release of the report comes just over a year since GSI was formally launched in August 2013, and the day before GSI member CEOs will speak at the AquaSur 2014 Pathways to Sustainability seminar in Puerto Montt, Chile. “As we reflect on our successful first year, we are very proud to release this progress report, which shares what we have been working on. We now prepare for tomorrow’s session where we will be taking the stage with major industry players and our partners WWF, FAO and Rabobank to discuss the biggest challenges the industry faces looking ahead to 2020. We will also discuss the pathways in which we can collectively improve industry sustainability, while continuing to keep in mind the critical challenge of providing the highest quality protein to the world’s consumers,” commented Ricardo Garcia GSI Co-Chair and CEO of the Chilean salmon farming company Camanchaca.

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