Albion becomes first Canadian firm to join SFP’s Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP); Of ‘transparency, integrity and sustainability’

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) was pleased to announce on January 31, 2018, Canadian seafood supplier Albion Farms & Fisheries has agreed to take part in the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP), becoming the first Canadian company to do so.

In joining the project, Albion will publish a list of all of the fisheries used within the company’s seafood department to source wild seafood, along with information on management, catch method, and environmental impact.

“As a company focused on transparency, integrity and sustainability, the ODP is a valuable tool to help us evaluate the seafood we procure,” said Guy Dean, Albion Farms and Fisheries VP/CSO. “In fact, through the ODP we were humbled to learn of multiple species and areas where we can improve our sourcing and look forward to the improvements we make in 2018.  We are honored to participate in this enlightening project.”

“The ODP is a way for companies to not only demonstrate transparency in seafood sourcing, but also leadership among their peers. In addition, as one of the largest distributors in North America, it is impressive that Albion captures this level of detail on all of its wild seafood sourcing,” said Sam Grimley, from SFP’s Buyer Engagement team. “We see Albion’s joining of the project as leading the Canadian seafood industry, and look forward to other companies in Canada following Albion’s positive example.”

SFP started The Ocean Disclosure Project in 2015 to provide a valuable information resource for responsible investors, seafood consumers, and others interested in sustainable seafood. To date, 11 other companies from the US and Europe have participated, ranging from retailers to suppliers and aquaculture feed manufacturers.

Other ODP participants include UK retailers Asda, Co-op Food, and Morrisons, along with UK seafood supplier Joseph Robertson and French food service company Davigel. In the US, retailers Walmart and Publix Supermarkets and seafood supplier North Atlantic are participants. Aquaculture feed manufacturers Biomar, Cargill/EWOS, and Skretting have joined the project, as well.

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