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Of Salmon & Seafood Stewardship: Of Ethics, Sustainability Reporting & Accountability: The Seafood IntelligenceTransparency Benchmark

SeafoodIntelligence.com is/was (see the April 2018 & Oct. 2017 postscripts below) a subscription-based economic & sustainable seafood intelligence news service aiming to objectively inform all stakeholders of the global seafood sector (fisheries/aquaculture, seafood retail chain; incl. a strong focus on issues pertaining to salmon farming). This website does not rely on advertising/advertisers.

Among others, we keep/kept our readers informed about multi-stakeholder initiatives, ‘sustainability’ & ethical issues. concerning the seafood chain. We believe a holistic approach is needed when it comes to understanding seafood market dynamics, which must consider historic and potential anthropogenic impacts on our oceans, ecosystems, climate, and the marine food web at large.

Benchmarking the world’s leading seafood, salmon & feed firms to drive industry improvement


PS, April 2018: We are pleased to announce that whilst  Seafood Intelligence’s ‘Top 100’ & ‘Salmon Industry’ yearly transparency benchmark project has temporarily been halted post-2018, all of the data supporting the latest Seafood Intelligence benchmarks have now also been made available to researchers from the Stockholm Resiliency Centre working with the Keystone Dialogues and the Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) in their substantial endeavour to contribute to the UN SDG14 and, among other goals, elicit greater transparency in the global seafood trade. http://keystonedialogues.earth/#initiative

See also the Testimonials by some of the world’s leading companies: http://www.seafoodintell.com/?page_id=18


PS; October 31, 2017Seafood Intelligence editor Bertrand Charron has joined the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) team on a part-time basis as Science & Sustainability Communications Manager and will be transiting to full-time by late 2018.

Whilst saddened not to continue with the ‘Top 100 Seafood Firms’ and ‘Salmon Industry’ transparency benchmarks; we find comfort in the fact that the Seafood Intelligence benchmarks have for several years contributed significantly in progressing the transparency & ‘Sustainability’  agenda within several world-leading seafood firms and industries, and increased international stakeholders’ awareness of how transparency-accountability-transparency are closely intertwined.

Bertrand very much remains involved on the topic of CSR & Transparency in the global seafood industry, including via his role at the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and his membership of the novel Seafood Stewardship Index (SSI)‘s Expert Review Committee (ERC).

2011-2017: The yearly Seafood Intelligence transparency benchmarks….

Of social, environmental and financial transparency, ethics & accountability in the seafood supply chain.  The Seafood Intelligence yearly benchmarks provide — thanks to a comprehensive and yearly-revised 100+ KPI-based methodology — a metric and transparency-based assessment of how responsible the most powerful — and impactful — seafood / salmon companies are. And how to they aim to address (if at all) the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…



The Seafood Intelligence portal is independent and not industry-backed; neither is it pro-Norwegian, pro-American, pro-Scottish or pro-Japanese… This service was set-up to fill a perceived gap in bringing objectively to the fore the multi-faceted & pluri-disciplinary dimensions of the issues(often with elements of controversy and/or ‘spin’) involving fisheries, aquaculture and seafood (from boat/fish farm to fork)  world-wide.

All articles on the Seafood Intelligence.com News Database are multi-indexed & fully searchable/retrievable, using hundreds of keywords (by species, industry sectors, themes, countries, etc.).

Our readers/subscribers (mostly C-suite executives, directors, scientists & eNGO representatives) are located around the world, but predominantly in Europe, Scandinavia/Norway, the USA & Canada, South America (Chile/Peru) and AustralAsia.

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What is the aim of SeafoodIntelligence.com / SeafoodEthics.com ?

Seafood Intelligence’s ‘agenda’/scope is clear:  we strive to help filling the ‘knowledge gap’ and enable access to reliable, objective, complete and up-to-date information, a key requirement for those operating/interested in the global fishing, aquaculture & seafood market. We thus aim, among other things, to back the ‘market transformation’ of the seafood/fisheries and aquaculture/salmon industries by highlighting sustainability issues and challenges faced, as well as mitigation strategies & initiatives.

Benchmarking Sustainability Reporting & Transparency in the Global Farmed Salmon & Seafood Chains

As part of this endeavour we strive to monitor the various dynamics which will ultimately make the salmon farming/seafood industries environmentally more sustainable, transparent and accountable.

To assist in assessing the quantity/quality of the information made proactively available and needed for one to compose an informed viewpoint of one corporation’s ‘sustainability’ credentials, Seafood Intelligence has since 2010 worked-on and developed a methodology to assess & benchmark yearly the achievements and deficiencies of the global farmed salmon and seafood sectors when it comes to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) with a strong focus on the ‘Environment/Sustainability’ dimension (thus… ‘CSER’; a.k.a. “sustainability”). One of the yearly benchmarks’ aim is to assist industry players  – small & large – and their stakeholders navigate on the fast-moving ‘sustainable seafood’ scene; and help assess companies and their peers in terms of transparency. A declared ulterior motive is that “what get’s measured gets done”… Transparency is an essential driver to the seafood industry’s social license to operate (SLO).



Cover 2014 Benchmarking Reports-small

Cover 2011-2014 Benchmarking Reports-small


More details on the Benchmarks here: http://www.seafoodintell.com/?page_id=8261


We hope that a service aiming to provide relevant, timely, ‘multi’ and ‘non’-partisan (while objective) news and information can be of some use to those interested/involved in natural/aquatic resources management and who also aim to achieve “sustainability” by means of multi-stakeholder dialogue, consultation and transparent communication.

We also strive to inform you when others won’t, don’t, or can’t…

WhiteHouse - US Gov Shutdown Oct 2 2013

Another of Seafood Intelligence‘s endeavours is to establish a comprehensive & constantly updated News database, cross-referencing & indexing the tens of thousands of articles for the various stakeholders, analysts and researchers to consult, search & retrieve, now & a posteriori.



Excerpted from the programme of the World Seafood Congress 2017, held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on September 10-13: https://www.wsc2017.com/programme


October 2017 Update:

Seafood Intelligence editor joins ASC team as Science & Sustainability Communications Manager

Seafood Intelligence’s founding editor Bertrand Charron has joined the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) team on a part-time basis as Science & Sustainability Communications Manager as of October 2017 and will be transiting to full-time. He remains on as publisher.

Notwithstanding and for the coming year, the Seafood Intelligence News & Database service will continue to operate unabated and to provide insofar as possible (and without infringing on/overlapping with the ASC role) to its subscribers objective information & news from a broad spectrum of ‘sustainable seafood’ multistakeholder perspectives.

See also: https://www.asc-aqua.org/team-member/bertrand-charron/

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