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I am an accountant working in academia and have focused on corporate accountability for their various social and environmental impacts. Part of what we study in my field is reporting … with your work documenting reporting elements and patterns over time being an example of the sort of work that we undertake. Your documentation of reporting, however, is some of the most extensive and impressive that I have ever seen … it is fabulous data. […]” – a UK university Professor in the field of Sustainability & Accounting.


Seen in Boston at the Seafood Expo North America (SENA – March 2018):

Excerpted from: Fleming A. et al. (2017). The sustainable development goals: A case study. Marine Policy 86 (2017) 94-103. December 2017: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.marpol.2017.09.019



Seafood sustainability & transparency makes El Mercurio headline (Oct. 10 2017) in Chile re. Camanchaca’s Seafood Intelligence  2017 Salmon Industry Benchmark ranking, launch of inaugural Fishing Div. sustainability report & recent langostino lobster MSC certification:

Source: http://impresa.elmercurio.com/Pages/NewsDetail.aspx?dt=10-10-2017%200:00:00&NewsID=521697&dtB=10-10-2017%200:00:00&BodyID=3&PaginaId=14


The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program on Twitter (24.09.2017). [See 21.09.2017  ‘Salmon Business‘ article below for context]

Source: https://twitter.com/SeafoodWatch/status/911743211395104768


See the Sept. 21, 2017, SalmonBusiness article in full here: http://salmonbusiness.com/seafood-watch-program-recommendations-misleading-says-editor/


Below is an excerpt from the World Seafood Congress 2017 wrap-up meeting on September 14  in Reykjavík Iceland 2017 – Based on inputs from Matís experts and chairs of sessions at the World Seafood Congress. The comments pertaining to “increasing transparency” by the world’s largest seafood companies follows the September 11, 2017 WSC  presentation by the SeafoodIntelligence.com editor, titled “Transparency & Sustainability Reporting in the Global Seafood Industry”:

Full highlighted Outcomes from the WSC 2017 here: https://wsc2017.com/2017/09/18/highlighted-outcomes-from-the-world-seafood-congress-in-reykjavik-iceland-2017/


Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) tweet on September 11, 2017.


BioMar Group press release (Sept. 7, 2017): http://www.biomar.com/en/global/articles/news/biomar-top-rated-salmon-sustainability-fish-feed-company/

NB Ed: Do note that the Seafood Intelligence transparency benchmark pertains (‘only’, though the two are somewhat linked) to ‘sustainability reporting’ — rather than ‘sustainability’ — as the title could be perceived to be misleading…

BioMar es ranqueada como una de las compañías más sustentables (Aqua.cl, 07.09.2017): http://www.aqua.cl/2017/09/07/biomar-ranqueada-una-las-companias-mas-sustentables/


Aqua.cl article (Sept. 6, 2017): Seafood Intelligence detalla las empresas más transparentes de la industria del salmón: http://www.aqua.cl/2017/09/06/tablas-seafood-intelligence-detalla-las-empresas-mas-transparentes-la-industria-del-salmon/

Posted on the Blumar Seafoods website the day (September 6,  2017) of the official launch of its Sustainability Report: “Blumar es considerada en 6to lugar en el ranking de las empresas más transparentes de la industria del salmón según seafood intelligence” (“Blumar is ranked 6th in the ranking of the most transparent companies in the salmon industry according to seafood intelligence”):





Santiago stock exchange-listed Camanchaca‘s CEO Vision (p7) in its inaugural  Camanchaca Pesca Sustainability Report 2016 (published 31.08.2017), and on p17:




Seafood Intelligence: cómo analizar el grado de transparencia de las empresas en el ámbito de la sostenibilidad. IPac.acuicultura (30.08.2017): http://www.ipacuicultura.com/noticias/en_portada/57566/seafood_intelligence_como_analizar_el_grado_de_transparencia_de_las_empresas_en_el_ambito_de_la_sostenibilidad_.html



Excerpted from the August 2017-updated Wikipedia profile of Thai Union Group (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_Union_Group):



UnderCurrent News coverage of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) international seminar module (“Pathway to Sustainability II”) moderated by Bertrand Charron in Puerto Montt, Chile (24.10.2014): https://www.undercurrentnews.com/2014/10/27/aquasur-blog-merck-deep-dives-into-sea-lice-collaboration-in-chile/:





Salmon transparency index lauds Cermaq, Tassal for openness” – Article by Undercurrent News (Aug. 23, 2017 18:23 BST).




Tassal CEO Mark Ryan in a 4-Traders Market Briefing interview published August 23, 2017:


Source: http://www.4-traders.com/TASSAL-GROUP-LIMITED-6497265/news/Tassal-Market-Briefing-Tassal-MD-on-FY17-Outlook-24990157/


Santiago stock exchange-listed Blumar Seafoods communicates (23.08.2017) in its Q2 2017 Market Presentation about its GRI-indexed Sustainability Reporting Strategy & Seafood Intelligence Transparency Benchmark rankings.


Source: http://www.blumar.com/upload/paginas/archivos/23-08-2017-19-46-38_blumar-presentacionresultados2q2017-min.pdf


Mitsubishi-owned Cermaq press release (11.08.2017):


Source: https://www.cermaq.com/wps/wcm/connect/cermaq/news/mynewsdesk-press-release-2104305/mynewsdesk-press-release-2104305


August 2, 2017, editorial in the Mercury (Tasmania, Australia):


Source: http://www.themercury.com.au/news/opinion/editorial-big-day-for-fish-farmers/news-story/13622ca41c7d0b4211bebbdb3d9df1ca




Source: http://www.aspecthuntley.com.au/asxdata/20170802/pdf/01880247.pdf




Excerpted from the June 30, 2017, press release re. the publication of the BioMar Group’s Sustainability Report 2016:




Excerpted from the Camanchaca Salmon Sustainability Report 2016 ( pp10 & 62) published June 29, 2017:




Source: http://www.camanchaca.cl/en/inversionistas/


Excerpted from p82 of the 2016 Tassal Sustainability Report published June 21, 2017:


Seen on the Tassal website (http://www.tassal.com.au/sustainability/our-sustainability-reports/):


[June 2017] Excerpted from the 2016 Los Fiordos Sustainability Report (in English & Spanish):



[Excerpted from the June 5, 2017-released Camanchaca Annual Report 2016 (p11 &27)]:

“The importance that we place on operational sustainability was reflected through the diverse certifications we obtained on environmental, social and quality aspects in 2016” – Jorge Fernández Valdés, Chairman, AR 2016.



[April 24, 2017; excerpted from the Cermaq Group CEO message in the ‘Sustainability is a Choice’ sustainability policy document]:



Below is an excerpt from the March 19, 2017 statement highlighting that it is investing in a “communication strategy as a way to meet customers’ needs as consumers focus more on health, where the food comes from and how it has been produced.” It added that the salmon farming industry (“including Cermaq”, the world’s second largest farmed salmon producer) has ‘greatly underestimated customers’ needs’ until now…




[April 20, 2017 launch of TASA’s Integrated Report 2016]:



Part of the Camanchaca Presentation to shareholders – AGM (April 18, 2017 http://www.camanchaca.cl/inversionistas/):






– Thai Union statement (Feb. 21 .2017)  re. FY 2016 results [above] & in Chairman Message in TU’s Annual Report 2016 [below]:






– February 8, 2017 Cermaq press release


March 19, 2017 Cermaq statement: https://www.cermaq.com/wps/wcm/connect/cermaq/news/mynewsdesk-press-release-1864239/mynewsdesk-press-release-1864239




Read in Tasmania’s The Mercury (Feb. 9, 2017):




Excerpted from Santiago-listed AquaChile’s Sustainability Report 2015 (published January 2017) and from the Chairman’s Word:






Cargill's Seafood Intelligence ranking PR (Sept. 1 2016)3

EWOS's Seafood Intelligence ranking PR (Sept. 1 2016)

ASC tweet re. Tassal #1 - August 25, 2016   Tassal August 16, 2016

Examiner - Tassal #1 - Sept 2 2016

Tassal ASX PR 17.09.2016

Camanchaca PR in Spanish - August 2016

Camanchaca quoting SeafoodIntell - AR 2015 (June 2016)

Camanchaca Chairman quoting SeafoodIntell - AR 2015 (June 2016)

Excerpted from Santiago-listed Camanchaca’s Annual Report 2015 (published end June 2016) and from the Chairman’s Word.


Tassal SR 2015 excerpt

Excerpted from Tassal‘s Sustainability Report 2015 published on May 24, 2016. From the ‘Message from the Chairman and Managing Director & CEO’ (p5) & p2, below:

Tassal SR 2015 excerpt1





TSX-listed High Liner Foods posted a press release on March 3, 2016, highlighting its #1 position for North America- HQed seafood firms in the ‘Top 100’  benchmarking report:

High Liner tops N.American companies - TSX PR 03.03.2016

… excerpted from the TSX-listed High Liner Foods’s Annual Report 2015:


As seen in Wegmans supermarkets (USA)…

Wegmans farmed salmon signage - 2016. Courtesy of Wegmans
Wegmans farmed salmon signage. Courtesy of Wegmans
SeafoodIntelligence in dozens of Wegmans supermarkets (USA)- 2016(5)
Wegmans farmed salmon signage. Courtesy of Wegmans


The world’s largest salmon feed company Skretting  posted a statement in August 2015 on its website highlighting its excellent performance [#1 ex aequo  in Fish Feed category with (now) Cargill-owned EWOS] in the 2015 edition of the Seafood Intelligence Top 35 salmon & fish feed benchmarking report:

Skretting statement re. n1 in 2015 benchmarking report

Seafood Intelligence.com has ranked Skretting’s integrated sustainability reports first equal amongst the top three global salmon feed producers in its recent Sustainability Reporting Benchmark report (495 pages long!) for salmon and salmon feed producers. This reflects significant work by the Skretting global sustainability team in improving its sustainability data reporting and the transparency of environmental/social criteria.

See: http://www.skretting.com/en/media/press-releases/skretting-no-1-of-the-top-3-fish-feed-companies-in-sustainability-reporting/778529


Bertrand Charron, presenting ‘Aquaculture & the Media: Perceptions of Perceptions…’ at the October 2015 UN FAO, GSI and IDH-sponsored workshop on ‘Increasing Public Understanding & Acceptance of Aquaculture’, in Vigo, Spain (Oct. 2015).


Cermaq  posted a statement in August 2015 on its website highlighting its excellent performance [#1 in Salmon Farming category] in the 2015 edition of the Seafood Intelligence benchmarking report. Mitsubishi-owned Cermaq posted the following statement on its website:

Cermaq Group AS: Cermaq ranked #1 for its sustainability report

Seafood Intelligence has again ranked Cermaq as #1 in sustainability reporting among 35 salmon farming companies globally. In addition Cermaq stands out by having external auditing of its integrated sustainability report. 

Cermaq has a strong record for acknowledgement of its sustainability reporting, rated against the largest companies in Norway and against the salmon farming companies globally. Last week Seafood Intelligence again rated Cermaq as number one of the global salmon farming companies.

– Transparent reporting on important topics is the basis for earning trust. It is also a knowledgebase for identifying and discussing areas of improvement with our stakeholders, says CEO of Cermaq Jon Hindar.

Cermaq1 in 2015 benchmarking3 (04.08.2015)

Excerpt from the August 2015 Camanchaca (one of Chile’s largest salmon firms) statement (http://www.camanchaca.cl/en/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Ranking_internacional_sustentabilidad_EN.pdf):

Camanchaca August 2015 PR website - Top 35

Camanchaca August 2015 PR - Top 35


And also…

Excerpt from the December 2, 2015, Press Release posted by ASX-listed Tassal, Australia’s main salmon farmer, following the release of the first-ever World’s Top 100 Seafood Firms Sustainability Reporting benchmarking report:

Tassal #1 Top 100-2015 (Dec. 2, PR - logo) - quote

Source: http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20151202/pdf/433jcdlddskdnn.pdf


Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association (TSGA) in its submission  to the Australian Senate Inquiry (initiated March 2015) into ‘The Fin-Fish aquaculture industry in Tasmania’.

TSGA quoting Seafood Intell in 2015 Senate Inq submission

Marine Harvest (World’s #1 salmon producer) Annual Report 2014, p97 (2015):

Marine Harvest referring to Seafood Intelligence - AR 2014 p97

  • Tassal (Australia’s #1 & ASX-listed salmon producer) CEO in March 2015, quoting Seafood Intelligence, WWF Australia  and ASC::Tassal CEO's Macquarie Harbour March 3, 2015 statement quoting WWF, ASC & SeafoodIntelligence - CloseUpWWF-Australia Tassal achievement #1 benchmarking
  • When the Irish Sea Fisheries Board (BIM) chose to give its 150+ staff and library full access to the SeafoodIntelligence.com News & Database Service; BIM’s Aquaculture Development Manager commented: “We have been impressed by the consistently high standard of journalism maintained by Seafood Intelligence and we believe that our entire staff will derive considerable benefit from having access to the important and up to the minute stories carried on the service.”
  • I am the head of sustainability for [one of world’s Top  fish feed company]. We recently purchased your Benchmarking of the world’s top 36 salmon and trout farming companies’ report which we found to be an interesting and timely overview of CSER communication within the salmon industry.  More specifically, the assessment of [our firm’s] performance has provided us with a valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our approach which will be used to guide future efforts in this area.”
  • “[…] We also received some valuable feedback last year from Seafood Intelligence on how we may better communicate our sustainability strategy and performance to a broader audience and make data more accessible as a whole. We have taken their recommendations on board and have made some improvements in this current report, and importantly, refined our approach to how we present our information on the Tassal website. An area highlighted for improvement included engagement with local indigenous communities. The traditional custodians of our land and sea have an inherent knowledge of sustainability that needs to further inform our direction. We are just starting the process of building these relationships and trust with the aboriginal community in Tasmania whilst recognising that this is not a process that can be rushed.” – Message from Tassal’s Head of Sustainability, Linda Sams, in the firm’s 2013 Sustainability Report (p8).
  • “[…] we have been benchmarked as one of the world’s top three salmon farming companies in corporate, social and environmental reporting by seafoodintelligence.com. In the same reporting period we were also finalists in the Australasian Reporting Awards for sustainability reporting. The above acknowledgements tell us we are moving in the right direction with our reporting, however, as always, we welcome your input and feedback on how we can do things even better. After all, this report is for you, our employees, our stakeholders and our customers. We want to do the right thing but we also want to tell it the right way.” – End of Message from the Tassal Chairman (Allan McCallum)& Managing Director (Mark Ryan) in the firm’s 2013 Sustainability Report (pp 6-7).
  • Your benchmarking report of last year [2013] was instrumental in highlighting opportunities for improvement in reporting by our group. We wholeheartedly welcomed the constructive criticism and in the spirit of continuous improvement have made adjustments in our work” – Sustainability Director of a leading global animal and fish feed firm.

Speaking of the n°1 ranking of Cermaq in SeafoodIntelligence’s 2012’s benchmarking survey of the world’s top salmon & trout farmers’ communication over corporate, social and environmental responsibility (CSR/Sustainability) reporting, the Norwegian Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Trond Giske, said on August 22, 2012:

  • It is very good news that Cermaq for the second year has been rated as no 1of the world’s leading farming and feed producers in the benchmark report about communication of the company’s social responsibility. It is my hope that Cermaq’s sustainability report can be an inspiration for others.”
  • Seafood Intelligence is one of the key news outlets reporting on the seafood industry” – Mainstream Canada (August 2012), subsidiary of the world’s third largest farmed salmon & n°2 fish feed producer, Oslo stock exchange-listed Cermaq.
  • In 2012, Seafood Intelligence rated Tassal as one of the world’s top three Salmon farmers in corporate, social and environmental reporting. Tassal was benchmarked against elements of aquaculture standards released by the WWF led multi-stakeholder driven Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue and other criteria. This achievement is not without an extraordinary amount of hard work and dedication by all Tassal staff and we would like to acknowledge our stakeholders, partners, supporters and critics. Thank you for participating, speaking up and holding us accountable. Without this ongoing conversation we would not be the company we are today.” – Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)-listed salmon farming company (Australia’s largest) Tassal Chairman, Managing Director & CEO’s concluding remarks in their Message from in the 2012 Annual Report (p3), referring to the Tassal rating in SeafoodIntelligence‘s 2012 CSR & Sustainability reporting in salmon farming  benchmarking report.
  • “[…] The seafood intelligence report is a very comprehensive and technically-detailed review of the global industry.” –  Australian Stock Exchange-listed Tassal‘s Chief sustainability officer, Linda Sams, commenting in August 2012 the firm’s n°3 ranking in the in SeafoodIntelligence’s 2012’s benchmarking survey of the world’s top salmon & trout farmers’ communication over corporate, social and environmental responsibility (CSR/Sustainability) reporting.
  • When SeafoodIntelligence was appointed official & exclusive media partner of the 2007 World Seafood Congress, the Congress Moderator commented: “The Congress organisers felt that having Seafood Intelligence as a media partner would greatly enhance our Congress delegate and exhibitor offering,” […] “As an independent international news agency, with a specialist knowledge and understanding of the global seafood sector, they can actively support our efforts to place seafood at the top of the consumer affairs agenda. This is an important objective; seafood consumption saves lives and sustains coastal communities.” […] “Seafood Intelligence will offer an invaluable high profile platform from which the Congress will be able to introduce its world-class speaker line-up and important conference content to the widest possible audience.”

Tassal Sustainability Report 2013 (2014):

Tassal - SeafoodIntelligence 'Award' - SR 2013

Tassal banner

Tassal CEO's Macquarie Harbour March 3, 2015 statement quoting WWF, ASC & SeafoodIntelligence - CloseUp

Cermaq quoting SeafoodIntelligence benchmarking

Cermaq CEO presentation (2014):

Last slide of Cermaq CEO Jon Hindar's April 2, 2014 BIM conference presentation

 In 2015…

Skretting n1 in benchmarking 2015 - 2

Cermaq #1 in 2015 - linkedin

Camanachaca table PR re. CSER 2015 (Sept. 2015)

Tassal 2014 Sustainability Report:

Tassal #1 - in Tassal SR 2014 report (April 13, 2015)

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