Top Editorials (< May 2014)

Editorial  : Stinky Fish campaign video withdrawn… MSC not pleased & WWF does the right thing… Partly…
Editorial  : DEAR JOHN, I beg to differ: “Retail buyers & partners” don’t decide what seafood sustainability is..
Editorial  : IS CHILE FOR REAL? Chilean salmon industry ducking its head in the sand won’t help its global image!
Editorial  : SEAFOOD WATCH will soon assess specifically hatchery-augmented salmon fisheries & farmed salmon
Editorial  : MSC must rethink & re-focus: Sustainable fisheries, yes… but ecolabelling discernments also needed
Editorial  : NORTH Atlantic Seafood Forum attendance “kindly” censored: CSR disservice to entire seafood industry
Editorial  : Is MSC misleading consumers by ‘innocuously’ eco-certifying aquaculture products? Does anybody care?
Editorial  : DEAR JOHN 2: Will “concerns” re. Alaska’s hatchery salmon lead to loss of political support?
Editorial  : 70-75% of all Oregon salmon caught by anglers & commercial fishermen are hatchery-produced fish
Editorial  : DEAD OR ALIVE: Who’s truly benefiting from salmon “conservation”? Fishermen, anglers or … salmon?
Editorial  : LETTING more salmon leap away to reproduce naturally could ultimately benefit both nature & fishers
Editorial  : ALASKA HATCHERY salmon responsible for killing Prince William Sound herring? – New study
Editorial  : OBJECTIVE? UK’s Marine Conservation Society regrades mackerel; EU/Norway vs. Iceland/Faroes advisory
Editorial  : DEVIL’S ADVOCATE? Legal complaint lodged with EC to end salmon angling in some Scottish rivers
Editorial  : ONLY a matter of time before public’s attention focused on ‘inhumane killing of fish’; Of fisheries
Editorial  : HEARTBURNS… One of Alaska’s top salmon processor, Icicle makes farmed salmon leap in Chile
Editorial  : 1st Scottish ‘enhanced fishery’ starts MSC prog.; Blurring the line between aquaculture & fishing?
Editorial  : 2012 SE Alaska chinook salmon harvest quota released 266,800 fish; + hatchery-produced salmon
Editorial  : MODIFIED quote regarding MSC certification of “the first enhanced fishery”: Only applies to UK..
Editorial  : SCOTTISH oil/marine energy the focus of Chinese investors; How long before aquaculture is in sight?
Editorial  : SEAFOOD WATCH dodging (so far) tweets re. sustainability of hatchery-origin by wild-caught AK salmon
Editorial  : LOSE-LOSE: ‘INTERNATIONAL’ condemnation re. “yet another unilateral” mackerel quota decision
Editorial  : BLURRED wild or farmed dichotomy; UC study suggests ranched Alaska salmon should be called ‘hybrid’
Editorial  : AGRIMARINE stocks fall 8.8% following DFO disclosure re. salmon escape; Firm hasn’t yet communicated
Editorial  : SCIENTISTS & businessmen compete for ‘World Firsts’; Tuna aquaculture is (will be) big business
Editorial  : TO BE OR NOT TO BE eco-certified… PNA warns consumers re. “misleading” Earth Island notices
Editorial  : WILL the pill be swallowed better if one targets “miniature shrimp” / “Calanus” rather than “krill”?
Editorial  : IRELAND obtains renewal of nitrate derogation; But what about adverse fishery/water quality impacts?
Editorial  : MCS downgrade: “Mackerel should no longer be appearing so regularly on your dinner plate”
Editorial  : Add a pinch of politics & two spoons of mis-information and salmon soon becomes quite exciting news

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