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Seafood Intelligence News Subscription Annual Rates / is a subscription-based international market intelligence news & information portal aimed at all the stakeholders of the global seafood sector.

If you are a first-time user & want to avail of a free Trial,  email us at subscriptions [a] Subscription rates are priced in order to be accessible to the various following readership segments:

  • Small businesses(<20 staff) & non-industry NGOs: 1-5 users licence = €850; 6-20 users licence = €1,650.
  • Medium & Large businesses (with > 20 staff) & Industry organisations: 1-5 users licence = €1,599 – €1,800 (outside EU); 6-20 users licence = €2,500; 21-50 users licence = €4,000; 50+ Unlimited users licence: €6,000.
  • Financial institutions, libraries, universities, government departments & semi-state or international agencies:1-5 users licence= €1,699; 6-20 users licence = €2,500; 21-50 users licence = €6,000; Unlimited users & Libraries licence = from €4,850 to €11,500, depending on usage.
  • Students(ID required); 1 user: €250

2017 Prices Sustainability Reporting Benchmarking Reports (‘Top 100 Seafood Firms’+/- ‘Top 35 / Farmed Salmon Industry’), Prices in EUROs/€ (updated July 2017) 5 options:

  1. 1,875for unlimited user licence within same company (exclusive Pdf version) for one of the two [2017 editions] benchmark reports: ‘Top 100 Seafood’ or ‘Top 35 / Farmed Salmon Industry’; stipulate which one.
  2. 2,700 for last two editions (2016 and2017) of the same transparency benchmark: ‘Top 100 Seafood’ or ‘Top 35 Salmon Farming & Feed Industry’ .
  3. 2,999for the two 2017 Benchmarks (Top 100 Seafood and Top 35 / Farmed Salmon Industry).
  4. 3,499for ‘Top 100’ 2016 and 2017 editions + Top 35 / Farmed Salmon Industry 2016 edition.
  5. 3,875for the ‘Top 100’ 2016 and 2017 editions; AND the ‘Top 35 Salmon Farming & Feed Industry’ 2016 and 2017 editions.

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Why should YOU subscribe to NOW ?!

Why subscribe?

  • Because your activity and business relies on ‘Sustainability‘ and Ethics when it comes to Economics/Trade, Social and Environmental and seafood issues. “Sustainability” is not quite an exact science and keeping abreast of the latest trends and initiatives in that field can be as important (if not more) than market prices… In any case, there is a growing and compelling case holistically linking them…


  • Because news, Sustainability & markets won’t wait for you, catch them first – and preferably before your competitors do…
  • Because there is more to market intelligence than just ‘news‘ (especially ‘trade news’)… reports & information must be of relevance to you. There is (much) more than one side to every story…
  • Because you need a global perspective, once edited with balance & knowledge of the issues at stake involving many countries & regions on all continents. We’re definitely not pro-this or pro-that (re. trade news), if not information-pro. When we opt to give a subjective/opinion, this is done in  our editorials. Otherwise, we provide you with clear/factual information, analysis and insights. Among others, our focus on food safety, environment, politics, business, lobbying, trends and marine science news means our media monitoring service is also well appreciated by firms and departments having to cope with risk & crisis management.
  • Because you CARE! If the seafood trade is to have a sustainable future, this will only happen if oceans & marine ecosystems are preserved and protected. The industry HAS TO be(come) sustainable. Short-term gains & political short-sightedness must not prevail over long-term conservation & sensible, science-based fisheries management practices needed to sustain future fishing & aquaculture economies.
  • Because you need to be AWARE of what’s affecting our blue planet, what impact Man is having on it & on its fragile (& too often over-exploited) fisheries resources. Nations & the fisheries & aquaculture industries needs to be aware of what consumers/society expects from them.
  • Because consumers & stakeholders need to become moreresponsible
  • Finally, becausetime is precious, and we’re always running out of it: A lot of events occur daily internationally. Yesterday’s news can too often be forgotten, never mind found/known/retrieved. We make it our business to anticipate what is most noteworthy & of interest to our subscribers. Our news database, with its thousands of multi-indexed articles (advanced searches yield results on hundreds of topics, themes, countries & states/provinces, fish/shellfish, aquatic animals species & competing proteins, etc.), provides your organisation with a useful archiving & researching tool so that you & your executives remain updated – even after a few days’ absence from the desk – and gives you what you need, when you need it!
  • com / adopts aninternational and multi-sector approach to news providing; thus limiting the need to seafood and agrifood business users to check a multitude of news source. Where else would you find in one location accurate, truly international, independent global and relevant news which not only deals with your particular domain but all those which can and do impact on your business?!
  • You can also easily access the topics/sectors you are interested in with oursimple & convenient news navigation and retrieval system – Its ‘News Shortcuts’ and Advanced Search facilities will save you precious time every day & when you carry out archive researches for business purposes. Our Daily Newsletter or our News Alerts features, can bring the news right to your desk & you can count on it, we work around the clock!
  • You willnot just read seafood-related news; but also what impacts on the global seafood sector and trade; including national and international politics, finance, competing proteins (beef, sheep, pig and poultry), retail multiples, science, R&D, funding, commodity reports, stock exchange, etc.; as well as news relating to how your industry is perceived by NGOs, environmentalists and generally by critics and the media. The seafood business has never been as global and as dependent on the globalisation of markets, trade, consumer issues, traceability processes as it is now; you need to be kept informed of what is happening around the globe in the many domain which impact on your business.
  • Daily & constantly updated news– that is not predominantly just American, Norwegian or British. A truly global perspective on national & international events.
  • Avail of our exclusive newsletters: A service exclusive to our subscribers, daily newsletters & News Alerts for news deemed of exceptional importance. Special newsletters are also available on request.
  • Chief Editor, B.Charron, together with journalist contributors, provides news commentary. B. Charron has been covering the global seafood business, international fisheries politics and trends, and the salmon farming industry in particular for ~17 years as a journalist and as a Chief Editor.He was for several years the Chief Editor of and the International News editor of IntraFish Media AS (and was [no longer so!] a shareholder in the IntraFish AS holding company). Prior to that, Bertrand was foreign correspondent for several French, British and Irish news media on issues ranging from politics to science & economics. He now also works as a consultant.
  • Charron was also books (educational) & films (salmon & trout angling) editor. Bertrand had published works with – among others – the Agence France Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP), Le Monde, New Scientist, LaCroix-L’Evenement, Technology Ireland, The Glasgow Herald, Phosphore, etc. Bertrand’s educational background was in biology & genetics (BSc, MSc), Natural Resources Management (Postgrad Dip.) & Bilingual Journalism (DESS, La Sorbonne Nouvelle).
  • Our business is to inform you.Let us know if we can improve our service in any way and/or about specific newsfeed requirements and we won’t let you down! We can for instance create newsletters on topics which interest you or add new keywords to better index the news according to your research needs.


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Sustainable Seafood Intelligence, News & Consultancy for Stakeholders of the Global Seafood, Fisheries & Aquaculture sectors with a focus on issues re. industry Transparency (#Top35Salmon #Top100Seafood), Economic, Social and Environment Sustainability, Ethics (#SeafoodEthics #SustainableSeafood #TransformSeafood #ResponsibleSeafood #SeafoodIntelligence), CSR/RSE & Politics… Perceptions of issues (negative & positive) impacting industry’s Social License to Operate (SLO) and acceptance. Farmed salmon & global seafood industry Sustainability Reporting benchmarks…. Multi-stakeholder sustainability thinking & analysis applied to seafood…