Women in Top Management: Is the seafood industry ‘fair’? (2016)

On this International Women’s Day (IWD2016), I thought it was appropriate to highlight one of the many findings of Seafood Intelligence’s ‘Top 100 seafood firms’ recent benchmarking report re. Sustainability Reporting & Transparency. .. Namely that only 3% of the Top 100 firms report have 50% of women on their Board of Management and/or in their Top Management/C-suite team. None of the Top 100 exceeded the 50%-level of such representation (so you could also say that ‘100% of seafood firms have 50% or more males on their Board/Top Management’…). Furthermore, only ONE (1) of the Top 100 seafood firm benchmarked has a woman CEO (and there is 1 Chairwoman)…

See the article posted March 8, 2016,  on LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/iwd2016-seafood-sector-fair-when-comes-women-top-bertrand-charron?published=u


Below is an excerpt from the 1,117-pages data-rich report:

Women in Top 100-2015

More information about the report’s findings here: http://www.seafoodintell.com/?p=8271

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